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Winner, Kenneth A. Shepsle Prize for best article in the Journal of Political Institutions and Political Economy in Volume 3 (2022) 

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     Winner, Pi Sigma Alpha Award for Best Paper, 2018 Southern Political Science Association Meeting

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Book Review

Olson, Michael P. 2019. "Gaining Voice: The Causes and Consequences of Black Representation in the American States. By Christopher J. Clark. New York: Oxford University Press, 2019. 264 pp. $74.00 (cloth)." The Journal of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics 5(2), 415-417.   [publisher site

Other Research

Working Papers and Under Review

Divided, but on What?  Divided Government, Institutions, and Policy Stasis (with Jesse Crosson)

     Winner,  APSA State Politics and Policy Section’s “Best Conference Paper” Presented at Any Professional Meeting in 2019 

Elite Identity, Land Inequality, and Local Development: Evidence from Colonial Ireland (with Jeremy Bowles and Gabriel Koehler-Derrick)

Legislature Size and Party Unity: Evidence from Historical U.S. State Legislatures (with Jaclyn Kaslovsky)

Revised and Resubmitted, Journal of Politics

"Restoration" and Representation: Legislative Consequences of Black Disfranchisement in the American South, 1879-1916

Conditionally Accepted, American Journal of Political Science

Works in Progress

Stolen Representation: Black Disfranchisement and Legislative Politics in the American South

Elections Improve Support for State Trial Court Judges in the United States (with Andrew Stone)

Elections and Representation in American Local Government (with Wayde Marsh, Andrew Reeves, and Jordan Duffin Wong)

Legislative Factions and Representation: Evidence from the American Solid South

Reconstruction and Representation (with Amaan Charaniya, Jordon Newton, and William Nomikos)